Of DAOs and CEOs

Back when Bitcoin was first released, few people realised the significance of the blockchain protocol that enables the technology. The blockchain means that there is no need for a trusted third party in a transaction.

This property is now being applied in other areas such as smart contracts. A smart contract can automatically release a payment once a good or service has been delivered.

Cryptomic Welfare Systems

There is a lot of discussion of whether Universal Basic Income will be required for folks who are unable to compete meaningfully in successfully more advanced and talent-driven economies.

The assumption is that heavy taxation and redistribution of wealth will be required for this, to a degree that may not be thermodynamically possible, and certainly may not be feasible (let alone desirable).

The Virtual Founder

By the end of this current decade, some of you reading this will be employed by AIs.

The Sharing Economy has lead to a vast swathe of individuals who are essentially managed entirely by algorithm, and this trend is beginning to spill over into other sectors of the economy.